The simplest way to add AI to your CRM.

Tag your data in Salesforce using AI and web scraping. Keep those tags updated in realtime. No coding. No new UIs for your reps. Takes five minutes to get set up.

How Codomain works

Radically simple, by design.

Give us a yes or no question about any unstructured field or website.
We use AI to put the TRUE/FALSE answer right back in your CRM.

You don’t need any more surprises. We protect you from unexpected AI behavior. You’ll always know the possible outputs from automations, making them a safe foundation for complex business logic.
You’re the expert in your business. Codomain isn’t opinionated. It simply hands you elementary building blocks adaptable to your unique problems. It’s a powerful product precisely because it’s simple.
You don’t need a “black box.” We help you preserve and build trust with your stakeholders. Keeping every step simple and documented helps you rapidly diagnose and resolve any problems.
Easy to use. 
You can use Codomain today. Setting it up takes just a few minutes. You don’t have to learn any new tools. PromptTag simply runs in the background. You might even forget it’s there.
No more weekly or quarterly batch updates. Codomain updates your data the minute a change comes in, so you can drive impactful, salient automations and always have a pulse on your business.
Experiment faster. 
Never let having to go through all your activities or accounts stop you from experimenting with new segmentations. With Codomain, you can tag all of your data with seconds of effort.

Use AI in your CRM today.

Connecting with your Salesforce takes just three clicks. From there, you can get started right away.

Start using AI in your CRM

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