Why we started Codomain Data

Ned O'Leary

Cofounder & CEO

Sales-led businesses operate less efficiently than they could.

That’s because a lot of their data isn’t as useful as it could be. Their go-to-market data simply needs to be more accurate and better organized.

Everyone we’ve met has expressed frustration with their sales and marketing data, but no one wants to police data hygiene themselves. Cleaning data has long been miserable, time-consuming, and thankless work. We started Codomain Data to help companies offload manual data hygiene work, activate more of their data, and operate with greater efficiency.

Sales-led companies typically use just a small fraction of their data.

In everyday conversation, we use data to describe consistently-formatted quantities and attributes like a unit price or a ZIP code. Companies often use this kind of structured data. They don’t tend to use their unstructured data like call transcripts or customer emails effectively. But unstructured data constitutes the bulk of any sales-led company’s data. The story of every deal lives in the CRM. It’s just hard to find.

Sales-led companies frequently suffer missing, incorrect, or irrelevant data.

They’ll buy expensive lists from third-party vendors that think FTX still has 600 employees and that guess a major aerospace company’s revenue wrong by 1,000x. For companies selling into marine shipping firms, it may come as an unwelcome surprise that the first page of ‘transportation’ results in their prospecting tool surfaces the US Dept. of Transportation and Lyft alongside Maersk. And it’s not just your external vendors causing problems. Sales reps will often forget to fill certain essential fields or leave perfunctory notes. It’s not really their fault. They have numbers to hit. Spending time on data entry doesn’t help them.

Most of us associate data too closely with analytical outcomes, with answering discrete questions. We don’t think enough about how sales and marketing data drives foundational tasks across a business. Accounts receivable needs to send invoices to the right address at the right time. An SDR needs to call the right phone number. The lead routing system needs to pipe an inbound lead to the right account executive. Fulfillment needs an accurate forecast to allocate real-world resources ahead of time. Every piece of important data that’s incorrect or missing clogs operations. Clogged operations equate to inefficiency – to wasted dollars.

What would you do differently if your data were more useful?

We’ve heard from some people that they’d experiment with deeper personalization and automation. Some marketing teams would extend their budgets further with granular targeting. Some sales reps would spend less time conducting confirmatory research and more time selling. Some executives would make faster, more confident decisions.

We think every company deserves clean, useful data and efficient operations. If you’re curious how we might work together, please get in touch directly at founders@codomaindata.com.

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