Introducing PromptTag by Codomain Data

The simplest possible way to introduce AI into your Salesforce or HubSpot.

How PromptTag works

Radically simple, by design

You have a lot of unstructured text in your CRM (e.g. emails, notes, descriptions). Right now, it’s hard to use.

PromptTag makes that data useful by doing one very simple thing. Give PromptTag an unstructured field and a yes-or-no question about it. PromptTag uses AI to put the TRUE/FALSE answer right back in your Salesforce or HubSpot.

Making AI easy

Why PromptTag is intentionally simple

Let’s not complicate things. You can make AI useful in your CRM today. We’re obsessed with making it easy for you.

You don’t need any more surprises. We protect you from unexpected AI behavior. You’ll always know the possible outputs from PromptTag, making it a safe foundation for complex business logic.
You don’t need a “black box.” We help you preserve and build trust with your stakeholders. Keeping every step simple and documented helps you rapidly diagnose and resolve any problems.
You’re the expert in your business. PromptTag isn’t opinionated. It simply hands you elementary building blocks adaptable to your unique problems. It’s a powerful product precisely because it’s simple.
Ease of use
You can use PromptTag today. Setting it up takes just a few minutes. You don’t have to learn any new tools. PromptTag simply runs in the background. You might even forget it’s there.

Use PromptTag anywhere

PromptTag can support nearly any operations task. Everyone’s needs are a little different, but we’ve heard about a few common applications.

Handling Leads
Introduce buyer and user personas to your lead scoring without manually mapping job titles. Use more free text fields in your lead gen forms – it’s easy to use now!
Segmenting Accounts
Some of your accounts better suit your ideal customer profile than others. Don’t rely on data vendors. Apply a clean segmentation that’s unique to your business.
Tracking Feedback
Customers constantly share valuable information about your company and your competition. Extract custom insights automatically without burdening your sales team.
Backfilling Fields
Changed a field in your CRM? Changed a process? It’s never been easier to backfill. Simply offload manual work onto AI.
Building Ad-Hoc Reports
Stakeholders frequently request reports on data that’s not already tracked in the CRM. See how temporary AI-based fields can help.
Enforcing Hygiene
Offload manual review. Build AI-powered checklists and logic that flag inaccurate or outdated fields.

Use AI in your CRM today.